Mystery Sketch Theater , 10-8-14

3 short sketches and a couple of 10-15 minute sketches.

John Cerbino from Moderately OK Cosplay as Space Dandy

Sketches by me.

Nice set up!


Erik’s Awol x Poler Outback Tourer (via The Radavist)


Avengers Photoset #27



set #28

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Here is some “beef” we are seeing quite a bit of recently. What do you all think about these Vented inner Fenders? Rep the Best _________________________________ by @mattgraham79 “Vented inner fenders installed last night. I like it! Now where’s cable hill?!! : ) #poisonspyder #DeFenderXC #highlinefenders #RockKrawler #Xfactorpluslongarm #methodracewheels #NV #17s #pitbullrockers #37s #seethatboatrampscar #jeepbeef #georgia #instajeepthing #jeepbeef_ga


Here is some “beef” we are seeing quite a bit of recently. What do you all think about these Vented inner Fenders? Rep the Best
by @mattgraham79 “Vented inner fenders installed last night. I like it! Now where’s cable hill?!! : ) #poisonspyder #DeFenderXC #highlinefenders #RockKrawler #Xfactorpluslongarm #methodracewheels #NV #17s #pitbullrockers #37s #seethatboatrampscar #jeepbeef #georgia #instajeepthing #jeepbeef_ga

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So these two people in Belgium were going through this abandoned nursing home and they found all this art around the place from Graffiti artist Pete One. Absolutely amazing.

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Dream car. #rallyfighter #localfighter


Rally Fighter.

Manufactured in Chandler, AZ by Local Motors.  Fully customizable for both on and off the road. MSRP $99,900 (base).

If your’e a do-it-yourselfer no worries. You can purchase the Rally Fighter frame and do your own modifications at your leisure.  Available in 4 Stage Kits starting at $19,500.

source: Local Motors

Just watched Pretty In Pink realized that I still listen to a lot of that music, especially New Order. #newwave


Michael Whelan’s iconic covers for the Foundation books by Isaac Asimov:

HARI (1985) - Foundation
THE MULE (1985) - Foundation and Empire
ARKADY (1985) - Second Foundation
TRANTORIAN DREAM (1983) - Foundation’s Edge
FOUNDATION AND EARTH (1987) - Foundation and Earth

These illustrations led to me reading these books. The art, the writing have seriously influenced my creative endeavors. Whelan, you the man!

Megacon 2014 report


I have been going to this con since 1999. Love it. It is a fun personal tradition. Video and photo links below

I aim to have a good time and rarely do I miss it. This year I had a great time as well. There were not as many celebrity panels that I was interested in. Stan Lee was the only one I got to see. I got to see him here a few years back as well. Glad to catch him while he was still young and vital.

How I would like to pick his brain! Unfortunately personal time with him would probably cost an arm and a leg.

Tried for The Walking Dead Panel but I think the con admins severely underestimated the amount of people that were going to that panel. In fact they seemed to have done so for several of the smaller panels as well.

The smaller panel rooms designated for the the writer’s panels filled up 15-30 minutes before they were supposed to take place. I guess it makes sense since the attendee numbers seemed to have doubled. 

Megacon blew up this year. 80-90k

It seems like the management was not up to the task. They sold out on Saturday. My chief concerns were these: This is the second year they scheduled Megacon on the same weekend as the Winter Park Art Festival. They have to stop doing that. Another thing that has bothered me is that last few years there has been no foam sword fighting. That was such a great part of Mega back in the day. They must bring it back. 

Another thing that Mega needs to improve with are the con “badges.”Well, not badges, but wrist bands. For three days you have to where this papery thing. Besides being cheap and tacky it is downright unsanitary. In the past at least it used to be a plastic band..but now it is mostly paper. Gross. They should upgrade to lanyards. They could probably get it to cost just as much as the silly bands if they got a sponsor to make the lanyard, Like the Dave School, or FullSail or what ev. Step it up , Mega, You are in the big leagues now!

I would also suggest they more awesome comic people like, Arthur Adams, Alan Davis, and John Romita Jr. It seems like a big part of my experience has been trying to get my books signed and completing collections. This year I was obsessed with completing my Akira collection from the 1980s Epic Comics print run. Still 10 issues short, but I am so close!


I had a great time hanging with friends, searching the dealer’s room for stuff, chatting with artists and going to creative panels. 

Saturday, when the crowds were at their worst, I was hitting my panels. A couple of them were filled. The Walking Dead panel filled up, of course. I barely got into Stan Lee’s panel. Very surprisingly the writing panels I went to filled up quick. I waited for for one for 15 minutes. I got there 5 minutes early. Pretty crazy. I got to the next panel over 30 minutes early and got seated, but there were only a few seats open. Not many people left from the first panel. From what I could hear at the door there was a line around our section of the building. Pretty crazy for a writing panel.

I am pretty sure if we were in the West Concourse, the old building, as we usually were in, the room size issue would not be an issue.

Also, It may have been a miscalculation on the planning staff, because there were some bigger rooms that were being used for smaller events. 

Regardless, the South Concourse was smaller and it seems the convention doubled in size. 

Mega could use a bit more variety in vendors as well. Maybe a leather armor vendor, like what you would find at a ren fair. They could use an army surplus vendor as well. Nerds like us would eat it up.

Cosplayers of all sorts were there! I saw pros like YaYa Han and Riki Riddle. A bunch of kids were doing Attack on Titan. Check out my

photos here. There are a bunch of photos of me getting beat up by super powered people. Enjoy!

One of my other favorite things to do is to talk to some of my favorites artists and get signatures. This year I got to chat briefly with J. O’Barr, the creator of the Crow. Cool guy, a little reserved.

I also got to chat with Bill Sienkiewicz. He is one of those great artists from the 80s that transcended the comic book illustration realm to the fine art realm. This guy is one of the greats.image

His Elektra sold me on his work from day one.

I got to chat with him for a good while. I also attended his panel where he shared his history with us.


He also signed a bunch of my comics and prints of his. Great guy, great artist. I now realize that his work is a big influence on my wise at least. He talked about after his Neal Adams style  he went through an experimental period. Producing art by introducing other mediums. This reinforces what I am doing now. I have done the traditional comic illustration method. Now I am experimenting on how to make the process faster yet not giving up quality. meeting him, talking to him and learning about his process was very affirming.image

Friday night Mega had its first party. It was pretty good. Had to avoid two kids of unsavory though.. one was the unwashed constench. Had to back out of the crowds for that, the other was the stripper type dancing. Just wanted to dance, didn’t need that.

Saturday night I did  the Movie Trivia with Mensa and then the comedy show. Both were great fun. Had a good group for the trivia. almost had 3rd! Was planning on hitting the after parties, but that Saturday wiped me out! 

Over all it was great. Had a great time. Mega planners! Just don’t book for the same weekend as the Winter Park Art Festival! 

MegaCon 2014 from David Mattox on Vimeo.

Megacon Photos!

And if you have read this far, know that I wore no pants for the duration of the con. Also I got at least $50 of free merch on Sunday(I won Megacon!) That is all.